mostly, french is a four times a month (basically weekly) musing with recipe written by me, Makenna Held (she/they).

I’m a recipe developer, cookbook author, host of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France on HBOMax and Magnolia Network, developed the first curriculum to teach cooking without recipes in such a way that transforms how home cooks cook, business mentor and investor, and the human who bought Julia Child’s house site unseen.

I’m the CEO of Okay, Perfect–a worker’s owned cooperative that builds experiences and educational products at the intersections of what makes us human. Our flagship experience is the Courageous Cooking School.

This is my newsletter/musings/writing home on the webernets. Often with recipes (both french and not-french), recommendations (cooking related and otherwise) and may include musings on life, being on television (it’s weird), money, entrepreneurship, and manifesting. because…breadth is my middle name. (it’s actually Elizabeth…). And yes, I do find this much joy in chopping radicchio. Somedays.

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Also. Hi. Nice to meet you on these internet streets. To learn more about me you can check out,, or watch my television show La Pitchoune: Cooking in France on the Magnolia Network, HBO Max, and Discovery+.

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Makenna Held 

writer of: recipes, plays, books, things. see also: recipe-free cooking teacher. business nerd. not an oxymoron— recipes and cooking from the hip aren’t at odds. 📍Grasse, France | La Pitchoune (Julia Child’s French home)