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A Very 'La Peetch and Food Centric' Holiday Gift Guide

Cardamom Nog

what I miss from the US (and a Snack Recipe)

Black Rice Risotto with Fennel Slaw

say hello to RecipeKick with a sneaky peeky to MY cookbook this month!

Let's make croissant-wiches this weekend

cranberry granita a few ways

Wanna cook with me on Zoom?

An Emilia Romagna Travel Guide (ITALY!? YUP!)

Carrot "Margaritas" for Dwindling Summer Soirées

The 'Slaw to Slay the Rest of Summer

Pizza Beans

Frittering away summer

flawless, scored zucchini with double dairy deliciousness

Anchovy & Arugula Toasts pair PERFECTLY with A *BIG* (AND FREE) announcement

Grilled Peaches, two ways

The Definitive Guide to a Perfect, Offbeat Caprese

Green Gazpacho & BIG NEWS!

World’s Best Celery Salad™


zucchini ricotta galette

a new name, and a caprese salad choose your own adventure

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burnished broccolini (or other spring veggies) with miso dressing

okay, perfect #22: an almost spring, gin punch

okay, perfect #21: grilled ratatouille

SNEAK PEEK justttttt for Founding Members!

okay, perfect #20: blistered radishes with fried sardines

Preserved Lemons! As promised!

okay, perfect #19: using 'the dark green' parts of leeks

Mimosas with Makenna #1: Recording inside!

okay, perfect SPECIAL EDITION: We bought a restaurant (?!?!)

okay, perfect #18: Asparagus with Shaved Truffles

okay, perfect #17: Kofte Baharat Hollandaise (!!!!), I'm obsessed

okay, perfect #16: Winter Fire Cider

Mark your Calendars! The 1st Mimosas with Makenna is coming!

okay, perfect #15: musings on TV; cooking sketches vs. recipes; writing a cookbook